Export team statistics from Parabola to Webflow


I am trying to pull NFL team stats to Webflow from Parabola (I manipulated the data here into a format I like and would like to bring it into CMS). Is there a best way to do this? I currently have the data formatted up to the “send to webflow” step, but am having trouble configuring that step.

Ideally it would have the team names as the columns and the stats as the rows. Thanks in advance for any help you’re able to provide.



Hey Riley,

Can you describe your Webflow collection/CMS structure a bit?

Do you have a CMS collection of NFL teams, where they have fields like:
-Rushing yds/game
-Passing yds/game
-Points allowed/game

And then, are you trying to update those fields with up-to-date stats after each week of games?

Or are you doing something else?