Error: Not Found

Hi all,

I’m trying to pull data from Bubble using the Bubble Import; however, I keep getting a “not found” error. However, I was able to pull data from this endpoint before, and to my knowledge, I haven’t changed anything. I tried generating a new bearer token and refreshing and running it on other data types in Bubble but nothing is working, and I can’t figure out what has changed. If anyone has any advice that would be wonderful.

Here’s my endpoint below:

Hey @Pava_LaPere - The 404 error indicates that there’s a typo or something wrong with the API Endpoint URL. I took a look at Bubble’s API docs. Can you try matching this kind of URL structure?:

Try adding /obj/ between 1.1 and your endpoint.

If that still doesn’t work, I recommend double-checking with the Bubble Support Team to make sure you’re using the right endpoint. Let me know how that goes!

That worked! Thank you so much!