Bubble Import "message": "Missing object of type Parabola: object with id %7Bid%7D does not exist",

Hey all!

I’ve followed the instructions to get a CSV to Bubble Import to try and work with no success. I was able to get this to work about a year ago successfully. I keep getting this issue. “message”: “Missing object of type Parabola: object with id %7Bid%7D does not exist”, I’ve tried to follow what you guys have suggested to others without any success. I have a pretty simple workflow right now. Hopefully I’m just missing something simple.

Screenshot 2022-05-19 at 12-09-34 Untitled Parabola

Screenshot 2022-05-19 at 12-09-06 Untitled Parabola

Any suggestions? Would really love to move forward

Hey @mack,

It looks like you are making a PATCH request to update existing records in your Bubble backend. You’ll notice an id parameter is appended to the end of your API Endpoint URL.

Since your Google Sheet doesn’t have any ids, the API returns a 404 error.

If you want to add new records to your backend, I recommend making a POST request instead. Check out the Bubble documentation for more information!