Enriching rows using a second table


I’m coming back to Parabola after a long time away.
My request seems really simple but I spent the past hour trying to figure it out.

I have two tables.
I want to use the second table to enrich the rows of the first one.

I managed to combine my table in some useless manner:

Then I managed to merge the rows.
Issue is, the company name is the common reference and if I merge the rows I lose my key value, the job data which ends up being combined.
Instead of having one row per job, I end up with one row per company (which is logical if I use merge).

What I need is to enrich using a lookup but I can’t figure it out.
Here is the result I would like:

I give up for now, hoping someone can give me a hint.
My flow is QzJbXw7D2D in case someone from the team wants to have a look.

Thank you for your help,

I solved it and I believe I found a bug.

Even with all proper data cleaning steps, if I try to match comparing URLs instead of regular strings, the combining step fails.
I double and triple checked, the URLs where identical in both tables and yet the tables didn’t combine.
I used the company name instead of the linkedin company page and it worked.

Hey @Joachim_Brindeau,

That seems quite unusual that you couldn’t join your tables on a shared value from a URL column.

Could you clarify what you mean when you say comparing URLs doesn’t work, but having them as regular strings do work?

Feel free to reach out to help@parabola.io with a link to your flow so we can look into this potential bug.