Find and replace with value from second table


I have one table with this data:


And the other table has this data:


Please note that there are multiple IDs in one cell separated with “;”.

My request is actually quite simple but I can’t figure it out.

  1. Find match in TABLE1column1 for each ID in TABLE2_column1
  2. Replace ID in TABLE2 with value of TABLE1_column2

Thank you very much for your help. :slightly_smiling_face:

Solved it:

  1. Name TABLE1_column1 and TABLE2_column1 the same.
  2. “Split Column” TABLE2_column1 into rows using “;” as delimitor.
  3. Combine table to keep all rows from TABLE2 and base the match on column1 for both tables.
  4. Merge duplicate rows ignoring blanks and merging unique values only.

Simple enough, it was the split column step I didn’t have.