Using a reference table (ex. Table 2) in order to insert new items into Table 1 depending on either regex or a find operation

Does anyone know if there is an ability to set up Matching rules between two tables? For instance, I’d like to search the text-based inputs in one column if it matches a rule then I’d like to insert a referenced item from another table.

If the word “conceptual design” appears in a column called Notes in Table 1 then refer to Table 2 and a column called Activities which has an item called “Concept Design”. Append “Concept Design” to a new column in Table 1 called Activity Name.

There is probably a smarter way to say this but I hope someone has a clever solution :slight_smile:

Hey George! Across Tables 1 and 2, is there a shared unique identifier that we can use to link these two tables up? If you can share a screenshot of how Table 1 and Table 2 are structured, that’d be very helpful.

If not, are there a finite number of matching rules that would be possible? If so, how many matching rules will there be?

You should create a key between the two tables. If the word is “concept design” map it to “conceptual design” (the match from the first table) and then do a left join.