The Combine Tables step has been improved

The Combine Tables step is one of the most used steps in Parabola, and for good reason. Its job is to take two tables and combine them, based on matching rules, like a VLOOKUP. This step pulls rows from one table and looks up their value in another table.

We’ve released an update to this step that will make it easier to use:

There are two distinct sections.

At the top, you will see that each table has its own dropdown, controls which rows show in the result. The default behavior is to take all rows from the first table, and only the matching rows from the second table. Those two dropdowns can allow you to create 4 different looking results. In most cases, the default settings will be what you want to use.

The section below, which is composed of light grey cards, is where you define which columns should be used to match. Select a column from each table, and then add more rules if you need a more specific match.

We hope that you find this update useful!