Merge data from 2 tables by row


Does anyone know of a way where you can merge data from 2 separate tables by row?

For example, say you have a “Products” table & “Categories” table. The Categories table includes overarching metadata, which inherently applies to all Products within that Category. Each Product is also mapped to a Category, which has its own reference column. I’d like to add this metadata to each individual Product as well, which (I believe) would require somehow duplicating data from the Categories table to each row in the Products table, if the Category name matches the Category reference in the Product table.

Hi @Josh_Hartman- happy to help! It looks like the Combine tables step should accomplish what you’re looking to do.

As long as there are identical values listed in columns for both tables (like the category name and reference you mentioned), you should be able to match rows based on that information.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Hey @Emory_Stainbrook, thanks for the reply. I’m trying this but the data doesn’t seem to be combining. My Categories table contains 352 rows, while my Products table contains 100 (it’s actually over 2000 but limited to 100 per batch). After trying to combine these tables by their unique identifier (the name), it’s not copying over the data from the Categories table. Bear in mind that the data for the Products table that is to be copied into, is currently empty. It seems to be creating the new columns to accomodate for the table join but the data being retrieved from the Categories table is showing up blank.

To help clarify, a Category, say “Abyss”, would have data pertaining to it’s Usage, which could be “Sheers”. If there are 6 Products within Abyss, I would need all 6 of those Products to have “Sheers” added under a Usage column. Is this possible?

Hi @Josh_Hartman,

The first thing to check would be the order of the inputs going into your Combine tables step. To ensure data from the Categories table is copied into your Products table, connect the Products table before your Categories table.

In addition, make sure to “Keep all rows” from your Products table and “Keep only matching rows” from your Categories table when combining data.

The resulting table should show every product, their respective category, and all additional information merged in from your Categories table.

Let me know if that helps! Feel free to send an email to with your flow URL and we can further troubleshoot if necessary. :slight_smile:

@daniel thanks! This worked perfectly :smile:

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