Multiple Table Outputs & Filtering Unique Values

Howdy Parabola Squad,

I have a big dataset of 10k+ records. These records contain a value for a specific organization that owns that specific record. Think of a big list of a bunch of products owned by a couple of businesses.

I’d like too…

  1. Filter by unique values, I.e. create a filter that will detect a unique value and then generate a table for it. I’m 99% positive that parabola doesn’t have flow objects capable of producing more than 1 table nor is there a feature function of being able to detect and filter unique values (also pretty sure no).

Any ideas?

Also… API error handling… :smiley:

Hey @Alton,

Are you attempting to generate individual tables based on unique organizations? If so, do you how many unique organizations there are?

If you’d like to share your column structure (or dummy data outlining that structure), that would be a good place to start!