Dynamic Files in Parabola

Hi all,

A common need of mine is to be able to run the same workflow on multiple different Google Sheets. For example, I pull new contact data every day and use Parabola to clean the data by removing titles I don’t want, segmenting it, and formatting the data.

Parabola only connects to a static Google Sheet, rather than some way to rotate the Google Sheet. I found a nice workaround that makes Parabola a lot more flexible.

  1. Drop your newest file into a Google Drive folder.
  2. A new file in that folder is the trigger to replace a Google Sheet with the file from step 1 via Zapier.
  3. The Google Sheet being replaced each day is connected to Parabola.

The effect is that Parabola is connected to a single file, but the contents of that file change daily. This lets me not have to edit my Parabola workflow everyday, but can run it on new data every day!

This is super cool @Patrick_Hoban! Very creative workaround :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.