Merge variable number of files

I need to merge a variable number of csv files which could all be in one directory or I could furnish the file names. I’d like to do this without making the user select the files. Can’t see how I might do that.

Hi @Woodson_Hobbs - It sounds like you want other users to be able to easily import CSV files into your Parabola flow, and that the number of CSV files can vary for every run. Am I understanding your use case correctly?

Unfortunately, I don’t think Parabola can help you with your use case, but I’d like to make sure I understand what you’re needing to do.

You’re right. I’m trying to build a process that others, who might not be tech savvy, can use. The product seems great but without being able to query users or a file for parameter and then being able to use those parameters to build file names and other strings. I realize I could get parameters from a file but I can’t use it to build a file name and then use that file name to retrieve a file.


I see. Thanks for the additional info!

We have a couple feature requests already from customers around making it easier to update static CSV files at run time. It’s something we’re looking to improve in the very near future:

It would be great if you can upvote either/both of those, and also submit your own Feature Request. We do also have Recipes that some customers have created to be able to share their flow templates with others, but it sounds like you’re needing something a bit more complex.