Dynamic API endpoints


I would like to make API calls based on a Google Sheet or csv file.

The file will contain Auth and keys from Woocommerce / Shopify shops.
For each row (which represent a different shop) I would like to automatically create an API call to get the products from this store. Then apply some rules to the products and send them back with modification to the shop.

Is there a way to do that ?


Hi Antoine,

Dynamic API Endpoints aren’t possible right now. While you can pass values from a Google Sheet/CSV file and use our API Enrichment step, it won’t really be possible to manage endpoints and authentication in a way that makes sense.

Our native Shopify Import step can actually connect to different Shopify shops within the same flow. Just click on the “Edit Accounts” dropdown to manage the different accounts.

While, we don’t have a Woocommerce integration yet, you can set up separate API Import steps to connect to the different Woocommerce shops as well. If you need any help configuring the API Import steps for the Woocommerce API, check out this community post here.

Would that solution of configuring multiple source steps on the same flow work for you? Once you set the separate steps up once, you’re good to go!

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