Duplicate Row / Append fields

Hello Everyone !

I have a small question, i would adds the columns from a source input to every row in a target input. Each row of the target input will be duplicated for every row in the source input.

Exemple :

Input 1 :

N° Invoice | Customer code

FA0001 | 001
FA0002 | 002

Input 2 :

Category | account

HT | 707
TVA | 44571


|N° Invoice |Customer code|CategorY|account|

|FA0001| 001 | HT | 707
|FA0001 | 001 | TVA | 44571|
|FA0002 | 002 | HT | 707|
|FA0002 | 002 | TVA | 44571

Thanks a lot !

Hi @Mohy :wave: welcome to the community!

We can accomplish this using a Combine Tables step. In order for the combine tables field to work, there must be a column in each respective table to match the data on. For example, if we had a table with student demographic information and another table with student grades, we may combine the tables where the “Student_ID” fields match each other.

Since your data set does not seem to include a field to combine the data on, we can create a temporary ‘merge column’ in each dataset. To do this, we will add an Insert Text Column step to create a column called “Merge” in each table, where the value is also “Merge” (the column name/ value could really be anything). I mocked up an example here using your test data:

Input 1:

Input 2:

Once we have created this merge field, we can combine the tables using the Combine Tables step. Be sure to first connect your “Input 1” data to the Combine Tables step (using the connection arrow) before connecting “Input 2.” Here is a look at the step settings:

This will create new rows to have each “Input 1” data point aligned with each category and account number.

All that left is using the Select Columns step to remove the “Merge” column, and you’re good to go!

Feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions, and let me know if this does the trick!


Hello Adam,

Thanks a lot ! it’s working very well

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