Combine two tables together and have everything line up

I am trying to add a column back into a table with some data that has been extracted. See screenshot.

As you can see I have the last column with numbers I have extracted from rows 26, 29 and 34. I now need to move those three numbers to a new column indicated by the two black lines on the screenshot. I extracted the numbers by using an if/else command, indicating that if a specific word or group of words was in the second column then it extracts the number from the third column into a new column. My next line of thinking was to select the new column out, then remove the lines that I have scribbled out. After that I was trying to recombine the table and the column so that the numbers lined up with the cells as per the arrows on the screenshot. Any ideas on how I can do this? Currently if I do the combine tables it adds the new column onto the bottom of the table rather than inline with the table.

Hey @Justin_Saunders,

Interesting use case! Sounds like you may be trying to join the tables on non-matching column values, and keeping all rows from both inputs.

First, can you try matching your data on a shared column value like the Row Number or Name? Next, I might suggest using a “Fill in blanks” step to fill in the cells using values from above or values from below.

Your new table should have the correct values duplicated throughout the column. Is filtering the rows based on the row number a viable solution to remove up the scribbled columns?

Hi @daniel ,

Thanks for your reply, I believe that is what I am trying to do. Think it would be nice to be able to add a blank column if needed. Anyway, you message got me thinking and I am unsure if this is what you were getting at, but I used the fill blank to fill the gaps under the data in the new column and then used an if/else action to select the correct row/cell for where I want that number to appear, places these in another new column. I then deleted the first column and shifted the new column to be the second column in the table. It seems to have worked for what I need. Thanks for your help.

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