Dealing wi the Duplicate Data

Hi! I have repeating data in my source data and need to figure out how to not have it included. Below I provided an example of similar data. Currently it adds A to both rows in source 1 and B to both rows in source 2. Is there a way to create a new column with A in source 2 based on 2A12 without the data repeating?
Source 1
John Firefighter Q2 2A12 $123
John Firefighter Q2 2B34 $5689

Source 2
John Firefighter A
John Firefighter B

Hi @Jailynn_Robinson - Happy to help! Is the additional data from Source 1 all in the same cell or is that data spread across separate columns?

The first thing you’ll want to do is separate out the data that you’ll be comparing from the different sources. If all of the data is formatted similarly, you can do this with an Extract text step. Once you’ve isolated the data that you want to compare, you can use a Combine tables step to append the data from Source 2 to Source 1.

I hope that helps but let me know if you have any questions!

So we did extract the data, but then when we use the combine tool it duplicates the data instead of just assigning the 2A or 2B appropriately according to the amount in the worksheet.

Hi @Jailynn_Robinson - Happy to take a closer look at that Flow set up! Could you please reach out to and send a link to the Flow where this is happening?

Ok great! I sent an email last night