Dropbox Business Account - Accessing Files in the Business "Team Space"


I’ve changed my Dropbox account to business because I was hitting the Dropbox API rate limit with requests from Parabola and Zapier.
However Parabola doesn’t seem to access files in the business “Team Space” folders, only the “Personal” folders.

It would be less redundant if Parabola had access to business folders.
The other option is to have the files both inside business and personal folders shared at the moment.

Links for Parbola devs:

Hi Tim - I’ve moved your question into the Feature Request topic. Unfortunately, this is a known, current limitation of our Dropbox Import. I’d love for other customers to upvote and chime in about their use cases so we can get this work prioritized for you!

I totally understand the redundancy it causes for you right now.

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