"Pull from Google sheets" includes files in Bin

Why does “Pull from Google Sheets” show me every single Google Sheet in my Drive in the Dropdown ?

How am I supposed to know which file is which if I have multiple directories?

Use Case - I recreate a file called listings every day, having deleted the old one. But Parabola shows me all the listing files in the Bin as well. I only want the one in a particular folder.

Hi @NigelG

Thank you for your suggestion. Right now, the best option is to clear your bin and have unique names for each sheet in your directories to avoid exporting to the wrong file.

This would be great to post as a feature request, as I know many other users have expressed interest in working with Google Sheet directories and Google Drive.

Thanks. The issue was that Integromat wasn’t deleting the file fully, just moving it to the bin.

Am now doing an update, rather than a recreate.

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