Download fails from Flow export

Here’s the message I’m getting when I run the export csv file from the email link.
Any clues? Haven’t heard back from an email reply to

See below

Hi @Mark_Berry - Happy to help! I’m not seeing an email from you on our side. I’ve just sent a message from so we can dig into this further!

Thanks Emory, Looks like the email to has gone AWOL. I’ve resent it. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Thanks again Emory,
Have now re-run the flow and this time it worked, as expected.
Many thanks.

This message has recuured. Can you check what’s happening? :slight_smile:
Parabola Download error 2024-03-01 151454

Hi @Mark_Berry - Are you still seeing this happen after re-running the Flow? If so, could you please email us a link to the Flow at

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Just emailed the link :crossed_fingers: :smiley:

Hi @Emory_Stainbrook I’m still getting the error message. Did you receive my link to the Flow?

Hi @Emory_Stainbrook Have you been able to look at this error?

Hi @Mark_Berry!

Can you resend it to I’m not seeing it in our inbox or previous email history.


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That’s where Ive been sending it … e.g.

From: Mark Berry
Sent: 06 March 2024 14:16
To: Parabola Help

Hi @Mark_Berry - I just sent you an email from since we’re not seeing that email come through on our side. Please keep an eye out for that message and we can follow up there!

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here’s the RunFlow url

Thanks Emory. The run now seems to be working again! :wink: