Create many-to-many relationship between columns of two tables

There are 200 products from 8 different stores in the table. I pass the values from the column shopID into an Enrich Step to pull the shop names. Instead of sending 200 requests to the API, I keep only unique shoIDs and send only 8 requests to pull the shop names. I have 8 shop names in one column and 200 rows in a table. I want the relevant shop names to be added to each row based on shopID in a separate column.

Hey @Natany_Caxeta! I recommending using a Remove Duplicate rows step to keep those 8 unique shopID values → send to your Enrich with API step. Once that’s done, you can use a combine tables step, and match by shopID to tie the details back to your original data set. The setup would look something like this:


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@Ayana_Usui Ayana, it worked. Thank You!