Saving values for later use (or how to merge tables)

Hi -

I have a table with three columns:

title | description | url

I want to invoke a 3rd party API (via API Enrichment) and only pass the title as input to that service. I use Column Filter to pass only the title column.

I invoke a service, something like this:

When I get a response from the service, I need to merge it back with the original table. How would I do that?

I need something like this:

title | description | url | service result

Is there a recommended approach to do this? Is there an option to ‘save’ the three original columns and then use them again later in the flow?

Hi Max - You actually don’t need the Column Filter step before the API Enrichment step. As long as you specify the column to invoke the service in the endpoint URL of your API Enrichment step, your API Enrichment should return the expected response.

The results you get back from the enrichment should be your original three columns + your service result.

Can you give that a try and let me know how that goes?

Even thought in ‘Input’ tab it shows all the columns, the endpoint will use what is passed via {…}?

That is correct! The input tab will show you the data that the step is using to complete its calculation, but the API enrichment step will only use the columns passed in the {} braces.

Awesome - thank you. It’s working.