Create an array from table values

I’m trying to update the drop-down (PICKLIST) options in a Smartsheet column with the values from another column using the Smartsheet API. Is it possible to create a flattened list and then convert to an array from values in a table?

Hey @Brian1 :wave:,

The Insert Text Column step is the first step to formatting your array. You can wrap the values in your cell with quotes or square brackets. To wrap each value in your Truck Number column in quotes, add "{Truck Number}" as the text.

You can flatten the values in your Truck Number column using the Merge duplicate rows step. Merge the values in your Truck Number column using a comma delimiter per unique value in another column, like Index.

Here’s a basic framework of what that might look like:

Hope that helps!

That worked great, thank you for the rapid response! Next step is to figure out how to get a Smartsheet webhook configured.