Converting Airtable Rich Text Markup to HTML

Hi team,

Currently working on a flow where I convert Rich Text Markup in an Airtable Column to HTML that can be sent to a rich text field in Webflow.

I have imported my Airtable records, but it doesn’t display as the markup I was expecting.

My questions are:

  1. Would the markup for my Rich Text display in Parabola?
  2. What is the best way to convert that markup to HTML so I an export that to Webflow?

Hey Connor - Can you show us what the Rich Text is showing up as in Parabola? And how it looks when its showing “correctly” elsewhere?

Unsure if you will be able to successfully convert markup to HTML - I’ve tried to go down that road and it feels quite difficult in this environment. Perhaps there is an API that can help?

There is a formatter step in Zapier that allows you to convert markup to html.

That is super useful for use cases where you have a record in Airtable with “Rich Description” enabled.

When I use Zapier I can convert that field from Markdown (Rich Description field in Airtable) to HTML.

This would be amazing.


Thanks for pointing that out Connor - I do feel like this would be useful! Can you post it as a request in #feature-requests so that we can track it?

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Second this! I have spent at least 6 hours trying to find a workaround to this issue. Parabola has so many great text conversion features, Markup to HTML should not be a hard one to add

As we wait for a native fix, there is this extension that does the trick:

It automatically converts an Airtable markdown field into a new field with HTML. Then you can just hookup your Webflow to the new HTML field

It’s annoying to have to do data processing within the database itself, but this is so far the best solution I have found!

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