Github Tools Breaking — Help With API Enrichment?

Hi All,

I’m trying to use Github’s Markdown API:

Here’s my flow:

  1. Pull items from Airtable (one column contains rich text formatted as markdown)
  2. Send the rtf column containing markdown to the markdown API at GitHub
  3. Post the response (in HTML) to a new column (html of markdown) so I can send the proper formatting to Webflow’s rtf field.

Here’s my problem:

Every time I send the body to Github’s markdown api, I get thousands of columns, api.1, api.2 etc… Is there a way to control or auto collapse the response? I’ve tried messing with headers to accept certain “types” like text/plain or application/json and nothing works. This is very frustrating.

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Hey Julian - Took a look at their API. They send responses back as Content-Type: text/html which we do not support. We only render JSON, XML, and CSV types. That’s why the data is coming back in such an unmanageable fashion.

I’m afraid you won’t be able to use this API with Parabola.

Hey Sachi,

Thank you for clarifying! I’ll find a workaround.

Much appreciated,



Did you find a workaround. Trying to solve the same problem

Well… no, unfortunately I’m migrating away from Parabola and using Airtable + Airtable Scripting block.

This issue, combined with a few others, is leading me to make a shift.

Right, I actually found a solution for this particular problem on Integromat and it works really well…