Push to Slack - API - formating

I am trying to push a report to slack, but there are 52 lines and it results in 52 consecutive messages. Is there a way to send a table to slack through the API?

Hi @Joseph_DiGiuseppe,

Taking a look at Slack’s formatting documents, you’re unable to send a table as a message type. Instead, you may benefit from adding line breaks to your JSON using line breaks delimited by \n.

For example, if you send the following:

This is a line of text.\nAnd this is another one.

It will appear as a single message with multiple line breaks:

This is a line of text.
And this is another one.

To format your JSON, try using the “Merge duplicate rows” step to merge your message values with a unique identifier. You can set the delimiter to \n, and reference the updated column as your new message.

Let me know if that points you in the right direction.

Amazing. Thanks for the help. This will work for sure