Connect to SPS Commerce in Parabola

Many retail brands are frequently trying to automate data pulls from SPS Commerce to do things like aggregated sales reporting, inventory reconciliations, PO tracking, etc. Using Parabola, you can automate your SPS data pulls and automate anything you’d otherwise do in spreadsheets across siloed systems.

This doc provides some context on automating data pulls with SPS Commerce and Parabola!

While SPS does offer an API, the endpoints available are very limited. If you’re trying to pull in inventory item data, you can connect to their “Get Inventory Items” endpoint in Parabola. (First time setting up an API? Check out this helpful guide)

To pull things like transactions from SPS, we recommend another approach (which is simpler to set up!). Following these docs, you can schedule an automated email report from SPS Commerce :arrow_right: Parabola’s Pull from Email Attachment step.

Using one of these two methods, you should be able to pull SPS Commerce data into Parabola! Let us know below if you have any questions, or feel free to reach out to