Pull data from live csv to Squarespace Inventory

Hi. We are on to start webshop on squarespace and we would like to pull the live inventory stock level info from a .csv file (our supplier has it on their site) which is updated in every 15 minutes. Is that possible with Parabola? Many thanks

Hey @Attila_Kovacs!

Importing CSV data into your Parabola flow is typically a manual process. However, you may be able to automatically pull in your supplier’s CSV file using the Pull from an API step.

Check out this thread:

Assuming the CSV file can be automatically downloaded via a URL, you could set a scheduling rule to allow your flow to run Every hour and update your Squarespace inventory.

Otherwise, our Pull from Email Attachment step may help. This could work if your supplier has options to export the CSV as an email every 15 minutes. Your flow could then run every time an email is sent.

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your answer. The Pull from an API is working, I tried it and all the information are loading in which is fine.
I know this question is partly to Squarespace… but If all of the stock information picked up from the supplier .csv file by Parabola…and each product code with their stock level info is directed to another sheet which is the squarespace type csv file, is that possible to scheduling and “loading-in” these stock level info with a Parabola flow?
I know, I need an Advanced Commerce Plan over there, to have an acces to their API, I just wondering if the compatibility is there.

Thanks in advance,

Hey @Attila_Kovacs,

Glad to hear that step is working. Squarespace has an endpoint where you can update your inventory quantities. Do you want to format the CSV file from your supplier and re-export as a new CSV file that is similar to a Squarespace upload file?

You should be able to do that using our transform steps and export it as a CSV. Be sure to structure your Parabola data to match the structure of the CSV template used with Squarespace.

You can certainly use our Send to an API step. To use the values in each column like the product code and stock level, you can insert that into the JSON body of your POST request using the column name and curly brackets {}

   "setFiniteOperations": [{
      "variantId": "{Product Code Column}",
      "quantity": {Stock Level Column}

Your Product Code column should hold the Inventory Id value of each of your products.

Let me know if that answers your question!