Create a Rest API end point

I started exploring Parabola today for two WordPress sites (Site A, and Site B) I am working on and this problem arose.

I am pulling data from Site A to do some filtering inside Parabola. After filtering the data I want to access the filtered data with the help of an API (No need to send data to an API) so I can get those data to Site B.

That means I need to create some API endpoints inside the Parabola. Is this possible? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Hi Prabath,

If I’m reading this right, you’re hoping to:
a. Pull data from Site A
b. Filter it
c. Have the filtered data stored on Parabola
d. Be able to make api calls to fetch that filtered data when you need it, to get it into Site B

That structure won’t be possible on Parabola (as Parabola doesn’t store your data like that), but there’s 2 other options to get your desired results (ie, filtered data in Site B).

Option 1 - Create a flow that:

  1. Pulls data from Site A
  2. Filters/transforms/manipulates the data
  3. Sends it to Site B

Better yet, you could make that flow triggered by a webhook, so you could hit that endpoint and, very much like an API, get your filtered data into Site B whenever you hit that webhook.

Option 2

Of course, if you really want your filtered data to be accessible directly via an API, you could filter A’s data in Parabola and push it somewhere like Airtable, and then you could make API calls to Airtable whenever you want to get that data from Site B.

Hope that helps and let me know if you have any questions!


Thank you, Brian. I think I am going to go with option 2.

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:newspaper_roll: Sharing along the good news in case others come across this thread. Parabola just released a new feature: Parabola Tables . Feel free to check out this post for the full announcement!

You can use the Send to Parabola Table step to export your result. From there, use the Pull from Parabola Table to use the results as a datasource for your next flow. Hope that helps!