Combine Tables based on Contains match

I am trying to combine two data source where the “match” value is the only value in its field in one table and is contained in a list in the other table. In my example, Table 1 has each fruit listed individually, and table two has a field for the expiration date, and a field that lists all fruit with that expiration date. Ultimately I would like a list of all fruit, its price, and its expiration date

I tried the approach in Find keywords in text (from a large list), but if I’m understanding it correctly, then that won’t work for my scenario since not all fruit has an expiration date, and therefore any fruit that is missing that value would get filtered out of the results completely. Am I understanding that correctly? If so, do you have any recommendations for reaching the desired result in the screenshot?

Hi @Annika_Cederblad – yes, you’re understanding that method correctly and trying that one out was a good place to start. You’re really close here. The step Split column should be what you’re looking for. Try building that flow with the following steps:

  • Two import steps
  • One Split column step
  • One Combine tables step

The one thing to note is when using this Split column step, be sure to include the space after the comma that separates your multi-item row lines. Otherwise it won’t match the row values of something like " banana" to “banana” in the following Combine tables step. :slightly_smiling_face:

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