Clearbit free logo API

Am new to Parabola . Was trying to import logos of many websites into Airtable and store it as an image.

Their documentation says for LOGO Api says :


Where :domain is the domain of the company

Am not able to get this done . Want to call their API for a few records in the TABLE and store the IMAGE urls in Airtable.
Used the API Enhancement task.

Can you please help ?

Hey Hari!

In your API Enrichment, you would put{domain column}

but replace domain column with the exact name of the column containing the domains.

So if your domains are in a column called Company Domain then it will look like this:{Company Domain}

The {curly braces} are what you use to indicate that something should be referencing a column.

Let me know if that works!

Hi Brian
It does not work.
Attached is the screen shot.

Hi Hari,

I looked into this and realized that you actually don’t need use the API Enrichment step for this since the URL is already the image URL:

Try using this preconfigured Text Merge step:
(just copy and paste the above snippet onto your flow canvas)

Here’s how I’ve configured it. You’ll want to make sure to strip any “www” from your “domain” column beforehand. You can use a Text Extract step for this if necessary.

Remember - for logos that don’t exist on Clearbit, that URL we create may actually return a 404 error.

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Hi Sachi.

Thanks a ton for this . It works.

However can you tell me what do I need to update the output directly to the Airtable Column ?

Best regards,
In loving service


Awesome! Glad to hear it.

Since we don’t have a native Airtable destination yet, you’ll need to use the API Export step to export to Airtable. Check out my answer to this similar post about exporting to Airtable:

Also, be sure to upvote this feature request post requesting a native Airtable destination:

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Hi Sachi.

Following your advice , was able to update AirTable records from Parabolo.

Am able to appreciate the power of Parabolo now.

Thanks a ton.

Best regards



Awesome! That’s great to hear, @Hari_Balasubramanian.

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