How to download images

I have a flow where I use an API import to get product data. Data points my flow receives are the image url’s of each product. Currently, I’m trying to use API enrichment to then download the product image but failing.

What is the best way to download an image using parabola?

Hey John! If you are going to work with images in Parabola, they need to remain as reference URLs to the asset. Parabola cannot process images.

Where do you want to ultimately send the data? Most places that you would export to will want just the URL to the image asset, which Parabola can handle.

Thanks Sachi, the I will ultimately send the data to Airtable, and the images will live in Airtable

Sounds good. In that case, passing the data as an Image URL from Parabola and exporting to Airtable via the API Export step should work fine.