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I love being able to import from Airtable, but it’s frustrating that I can’t export back to it! How about Airtable destination please?

Hi @iammia - Thanks for your feature request! While we don’t currently have a native Airtable Export, I wanted to chime in on this thread to let everyone know that we have many customers exporting to Airtable using our Send to an API step.

Here’s how to configure an API Export step for Airtable

Your API Endpoint URL will look something like this: https://api.airtable.com/v0/appxxx/yyyy/
where appxxx is your Airtable Base ID and yyyy is the name of your table.

Select Bearer Token from the Authentication dropdown and paste in your API Key into the Bearer Token field.

For the Body, you’ll map the Airtable Column Names to the corresponding Parabola column names (wrapped in curly braces {}).

Hope that helps! We’ll be sure to update this thread as soon as we prioritize a native Airtable Export.


Any news on this please?

Hi Sachi,

I tried the Airtable export in many different ways and I keep getting a 403 Forbidden Error (Invalid Permissions). I added the bearer token with the API key and still get that message. Any ideas?


Hi @Caleb_Barclay1 :wave:

That error means you’re trying to access a specific base or resource and your API credentials don’t have access. Is this Airtable base in your personal account or are you a collaborator?

Check to see if you are a collaborator or if your permissions are limited as your API key may only have read-only access.

Unfortunately, that’s not it. I own the base/table/etc and it gave me this error. I copied the base elsewhere and tried it again but I got another failed run. I think my final step to export to Airtable is off - it’s not matching the IDs. I’m using PATCH update but I tried POST.

Here’s that last step setup:

{“fields”: {
“Record ID”: “{id}”,
“Pageviews”: “{ga:pageviews}”

@Caleb_Barclay1 is that 403 error continuing after you switched from a PATCH to POST request? I’m guessing it may’ve changed to a 422 error once the request type was switched.

If you’d like to do a PATCH update, try copy-pasting this into your Send to an API Request Body:

"records": [
    "id": "{id}",
    "fields": {
      "Pageviews": {ga:pageviews}

There’s a chance your Airtable’s id column may be the field type of # Number, instead of field type A Single line text, which then would need the wrapped quotes removed from “{ga:pageviews}” so it changes from sending as a string value into {ga:pageviews} numeric value.

Let us know how if an error code continues and we can continue troubleshooting from there.

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