Calculate the cost of goods

I want to be able to calculate the qty of each item by the cost and add up all the totals fo each day.

How can I do this?

Hey @Patton_Yoon,

Assuming you’re using our Pull from Shopify step, there are a few ways to set up your flow.

Import your Shopify Orders with the associated Line Items details. You can select all orders processed within the previous 1 day. This should return a bunch of data linked to each order. Let’s look at these columns:

To identify the quantity of each item

  • Line Items: Sku
  • Line Items: Quantity

To calculate the total price paid including sales tax and discounts

  • Line Items: Price
  • Line Items: Total Tax Lines
  • Line Items: Total Discount Allocations

Using the Insert math column step, we can calculate the total price by calculating the individual cost of each item and multiplying that by the quantity purchased. In this example, I’m making a new column called Line Items: Total Price.

We can use a Sum by group to count the total price of unique Skus across all of your orders. If you want to total your daily sales, you can simply sum the Line Items: Total Price column.

Hope that helps!

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