Shopify Integration Help: Cost Per Item

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I am needing to summarize my shop’s weekly revenue & cost of goods. I have been able to use the Shopify Integration to calculate revenue but am having trouble accessing “cost per item” of the goods I sell per order. For my cost of goods I would like to have easy access to a summary of each orders calculated COG from the summation of the all “cost per item”. I used a similar question from the forum to help me get to using the “enrich with an API” feature and I understand how to use my private app Key to access data. I am just unsure of what endpoint API URL to use. The examples use “Inventory_Items” but what URL do I use to get “cost” or “cost per item” from my existing and completed Orders?

Clarification: I’d like to be able to send the information here:
to parabola alongside other weekly shop stats then send this data to a googledoc

Thank you!

Hey @Eliza :wave:

Great question! We actually just recently released an update to our Shopify integration to include cost data at the product level. You can view the cost of your individual products by pulling in “Product Inventory with product information”, which will return the columns Inventory Item: Cost and Variant: Id.

If you pull in “Orders with Line Items”, you will see the Line Items: Variant Id column returned, and then you can use a “Combine Tables” step to append the cost data to each line item. Finally, you can use “Sum by group” to find the COGS for each order!

Hopefully this eliminates the need to work through Shopify’s API (but nice job setting that up!).

Let me know if you have any other questions, or if this recommendation does the trick!

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Yes perfect, I didn’t realize this update had come out. Works like a charm. Appreciate the reply :slight_smile: