Append to CSV File

I am trying to use send to CSV in Drop Box as I can’t use Send to Excel in Drop Box(or at least I can’t see that option).The issue I have is that every time the flow sends to CSV, it overwrites the original CSV data. I need it to append the data.

I know that this can be done on Gsheets through the Sheets action, but I need to use Drop Box.

Would anyone have a solution for this?
Thanks in advance.

Hey @Tony_Standing :wave:

Try using the Pull from Dropbox step to bring that data back into your flow and merge it with your new data. The image below shows a basic version of what that could look like:

Using the Stack tables step, we can append any new data from your flow with your Dropbox data. The new export will still overwrite your file, but it will append any new data to records that were previously exported to Dropbox.