apiToken in Request Paramenters

I cannot figure out how to make pull data from Viral Loops.

Documentation: https://intercom.help/viral-loops/en/articles/2850549-api-reference

I am trying to GET Participant Data: Getting participant data: ```

It looks like the apiToken needs to be in the request parameters, not the header. How would I do this?

Hey @Will_G – I believe something like this should work:

It’s not super obvious, but in the “Header Key” dropdown, you can write in your own header, so you can just add “apiToken” there.

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Thanks for that suggestion, @andrew!

@Will_G if you still get an error setting up the step Pull from an API via headers, then I’d try passing the API token as a parameter instead (i.e. https://app.viral-loops.com/api/v2/participant_data?apiToken=___ and replace the ___ with your API token).

Yes!! This worked thank you so much!