Can't pass token from an API Call into an API Enrichment - SOLVED

I am a newb. I use “Pull from an API” to retrieve my authentication Token and pass this direct in an ‘Enrich with an API step’. I can see the token available as the input to the enrichment step but when I pass it in curly braces to the enrichment GET method I get a 401 with “{
“error”: “Invalid token.”

when I look at the sent request I can’t tell if it’s sending the token, I just see

“headers”: {
“Authorization”: “{token}”
“method”: “GET”,
“url”: “

so it looks like it’s not passing/interpreting my token correctly because I’m trying to pass it as a variable… API doc at

tells me " It is mandatory to include this token under the Header Authorization When calling all other endpoints as proof of authenticity. Tokens can exist concurrently and persist for 1 hour from its issued time.

so I created a created a Request Header Key type Authorisation and passed it {token} If I look at the “Input 1: Pull from an API” tab it shows me that the token in the token field looks good.

Although API doc says AUTHORIZATIONS:

If I add Authentication of Type “Bearer Token” and, again, set the key to {token}… it doesn’t work.

Any help much appreciated.

Update I have just manually copied and pasted the authentication token from the the previous step and pasted it into the Authorisation header and the enrichment step worked and returned required data. So the issue is clearly that the curly bracketed variable I Currently use to call the token data in the Authorisation Header field isn’t being parsed ad is just being passed in as {token}

Update I changed the Authentication Type to ‘Expiring Access Token’ and then changed the name of the field the token is retuned in to the correct field and it worked.


You are correct that you can do this with expiring access tokens in Parabola! Read more about this here: How to use the API integration in Parabola.