Pagination for API

Hello! I’m trying to download our Okendo reviews via API and I’m running into some pagination issues. I can’t get it to show more than one page of records.

I believe I’ve incorrectly set up the pagination settings. Please see attached for what I’m using. Thank you!


Hey @Johnathan_Ruggiero

It looks like this is a partial URL which Parabola can’t read today. Unfortunately we won’t be able to set up the pagination for this endpoint using our API step!


I thought that was what the “cursor path in response” section was for? Domain there and then it would append the rest of the path from the nextUrl?

Hey @Johnathan_Ruggiero,

I can hop in here and clarify!

Cursor path in response is the path to get to the field in the response from the API that contain the cursor you want to use - for your API, you would use nextUrl in that field.

If the cursor could be sent back to the API in a query parameter, such as, then the Cursor key field would need to be set to nextPage, as that is the name of the (example) parameter to use.

If the value of nextURL was a full URL, the construction of a query parameter using the Cursor key would be skipped, and the step would fetch the next page using the whole URL.

At the moment, we do not have a way to merge in the base URL to a partial cursor URL like this unfortunately!

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