Support for x-www-form-urlencoded headers

I’m trying to connect to a REST API that requires x-www-form-urlencoded in the content-type header. According to, this isn’t currently supported by Parabola. Would it be possible to add support for this type of API? Right now, I have to use Postman to generate a the bearer token that is used by the API to authorize subsequent requests. That’s making it impossible for me to fully automate a flow.

Hi Michael! I went ahead and moved your post into our Feature Request category. I can definitely understand why you’d want this to be supported to be able to fully automate your flow.

Out of curiosity, what API are you using?

Hi Sachi,

Thanks for the quick response. The API I need to connect with is for the iMIS member management system. Only the initial request to get a token requires that header:

All subsequent requests have the content-type header as application/json.


Thanks for the additional info! We’ll continue monitoring this request for the time being.

Hi @sachi, I’m wondering if Parabola was able to add this request into the product pipeline, and if so, when that might be released to production?


Thanks for checking back in, Michael. Unfortunately, no substantial updates on this request. It’s not prioritized for the nearterm (next 1-2 months). I’ll be sure to keep this thread updated with any changes.

+1 to this request

To be able to use the Parsehub api which only accepts data on the body of the request as data-form.

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Hey everyone,

Following up on this thread! We’re still monitoring this feature request, but check out our new documentation outlining how to work with APIs in Parabola.