JSON RawHTMLUrl to Content

Hi - i’m trying to GET a API / JSON feed into a Webflow collection, and everything is actually working fine except one thing.

I perfectly fetch “Title”, “Intro”, “Date” fine into Webflow , but when it comes to actually content (called RawHTMLUrl) i’m getting a string like this: “/Release/ViewReleaseHtml/97F3FCA1584C42EA” which I can click and i’ll see the content, but can’t “convert to normal/raw data” so it will show like content instead of the ViewReleaseHTML".

Is that possible to somehow convert the URL in Parabola?


Hi @Kristian - Thanks for posting your question. I’m not an expert on Webflow, but my teammate @brian is! I’m tagging him so he can also take a look at this too.

I’m not familiar with ViewReleaseHTML, but do you know how the URL will need to be formatted? If you do, I should be able to help get the URL formatted properly in Parabola.

If not, I’d recommend posting in the Webflow Community to see how other Webflow users have solved this problem when pushing this kind of data to Webflow’s API.

Thanks for the answer. Lets hope @brian Can answer

Hey Kristan,

What is the data type for that field set to in your Webflow collection?

Hey @brian - Its a JSON file i GET with an API Call from a Press Release provider, of that’s help

Could you send me a screenshot of the field settings for that collection in Webflow?

I can, right now on mobile. The field is just a “rich text” field taking in the exact “url” string I put at the first post.

Ah I see! So its coming into Parabola as a URL because that is what Webflow is storing. You can pass that URL into an Enrich with an API step to get back the data on the other end of that URL into Parabola. As long as that URL sends its content type to us as JSON, then it should come back as the raw data.

If your column with the URL is called RawHTMLUrl then in the Enrich step, put {RawHTMLUrl} in the URL endpoint field.

Thank you so much for the answer, it sounds like the right approach.
It seems it’s not pure JSON then, cause it’s brining me back a request error with “invalid URL” (even thou it’s an URL). Feels like i’m close, but just need the right way to tackle it.

Hey Kristian,

To better help you figure this out, can you share a screenshot of how you’re configuring you “Enrich with an API” step? A screenshot of the Input 1 tab in that step would help as well.

Yes! let me share:


There is an Id and EncryptedId as well.

Then tried this, but it’s just loading for many minutes, and then comes up with an error :

does that help anything @brian

Thanks for your patience with this one!

Unfortunately that URL is pulling back raw HTML, which I should have known from the prior conversation, and that cannot be pulled into Parabola.

The HTML would need to be returned inside of JSON, as if it was an API response, to work inside of Parabola.

Thanks you for the answer.
Okay. I’m not 100% how that is done, but I guess I have to hear my endpoint (Cision)?

ok @brian I finally got it to work! did a second call on the ID and got out json friendly html. thank you for the help.

best kristian