API Import issue with squarespace

Hello group!
I am a new user and want to use Parabola to automatically export my sales to Google Spreadsheet.
I followed all the steps and the ‘simulation’ runs fine but when I hit ‘Run Flow’ I Get an error message.
It says ‘There is 1 issue with my flow’ … API import…
The error message is “max request must be a number greater than 0”

I got an Developper API key from Squarespace and all works fine till i hit ‘Run Flow’ then I get this error message. ??? Any idea ???

Hey @John_Bouvier :wave:

Try to set a value that’s greater than 0 in the Max Pages to Fetch and the Max Requests per Minute (optional). By default, those values should fetch 5 pages with a max request time of 60 requests per minute.

Depending on the size of your import, you may need to configure pagination settings using a cursor key. Our documentation shows a great example of what values to use when working importing data from Squarespace’s API.


Thank You very very much!
It works now!