How to remove cap on rows

Hey all - I’m trying to setup my flow (first time user!) and I’m running into a problem that I can’t find a solution to. I can only get the most recent 50 rows of sales data, and I can’t seem to find out how to turn that off. Here’s a screenshot of the header. I’m at a loss after poking around the community board - I was’t able to find an answer. I’d appreciate any help!

Hi @Sean_Mauser! Welcome to Parabola!

Thanks for posting your question here. The “Max Rows” count in the top left corner is not a limitation, but an indication of what your flow’s current maximum row count is and how many credits it’ll take to run.

(A bug with this “Max Rows” count was reported this morning where the counter is not updating properly. We’ll be looking into this!)

But, the “50 Max Rows” you see is not actually something that limits you from going past 50 rows.

It sounds like you’re trying to pull in some sales data. Are you using an API step or one of our integrations? If you’re using an API step, it sounds like it may be an issue with your pagination settings. If you want to share a screenshot of how you’re currently configured, we can take a look!

Thanks for the quick response @sachi! I’m using an API step - the beta Squarespace integration wouldn’t work and with the exception of only being able to pull the 50 most recent orders I think I have everything set up and customized to my liking. Here’s a screenshot of my pagination settings - I changed the max pages from 5 to 1000 to see if that was the problem but that was not effective.

Thanks for the screenshot.

For Pagination Key (optional), put nextPageCursor
For Cursor Key (optional), put pagination.nextPageUrl

That should do the trick for your pagination settings!

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