Wordbee Authentication Configuration


I am trying to set up OAuth 2.0 authentication with Parabola, so I can pull from an API.

For some reason, I can’t make it work. When I press Authorize, a pop-up window with the token appears and there is not error. But when I close the window, the only option is Leave and I can’t save the configuration.

Here is the documentation:

Could anyone help?

Thank you!

Hey @Radoslav_Gulev :wave:

Happy to help! Looks like the linked documentation is from 2017, referencing their V1 API. I was able to find this updated documentation from 2021 with info on their V2 API, which requires token-based authentication (no OAuth2.0!).

To integrate with their API, you’re required to pass a token as a header, which automatically expires after a period of inactivity of 30 minutes. Kindly note that each time you run this flow, you’ll need to manually refresh the API step returning the auth token, then copy and paste that updated token into the request header section of your main API step.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you run into any additional issues with this configuration.