Work with SessionId in API call

I need to use a sessionId when I use an API call. The sessionId is generated with a link (that is always the same) and gives this information for example:

How can I get the sessionId from the first call to the ****** on the second call?

Hi @Whoon_Oisterwijk - It sounds like you’ll want to use our Enrich with an API step for this. This step allows you to pass a variable returned in a previous API call to this step.

You’ll want to expand your returned JSON data to get sessionId values into it’s own column.

Then, in the Enrich with an API step, you can configure your API endpoint URL to be:{sessionId}/nl_nl
You’ll see that I’m passing the variable from the sessionId column as part of my endpoint URL.

Let me know if that works!

Thanks Sachi, I’ve got it working now :slight_smile: