Trigger flow from form submit or other external event


I am trying to determine what my options are to send data to and trigger flows based on external events or activities.

For example if I had a simple website form and this was filled and submitted, could I post this data to Parabola and trigger a flow this way and use the data in the form post within the flow?

In the docs it seems many of the triggers/integrations are more manual, im not sure how to setup automated triggers for events that happen in my app or other systems.

For example another option, is it possible to trigger a flow based on a new record being added to a google sheet or a database and then the flow can use that data in the sheet row or DB record? But this might be a problem as it will need to somehow monitor an external sheet or DB?

It seems like the data needs to be posted to Parabola in some way so it can trigger a flow but how to do this. All I saw is the incoming webhook but thats only available on the advanced plan.

Is there no other way to automatically trigger flows and have data sent into the flow from outside the system?


Hey @Jarad :wave:

You’ve got the right idea that using webhooks to trigger flows with a payload that includes the form submission will be the best way to automate this use case.

Feel free to reach out to with some additional information about this use case, such as which tools are involved and approximately how many webhook requests you anticipate being triggered/ day. We’re happy to let you know if we’re able to offer a more custom plan that includes webhook access.

You’ll also want to ensure that the tool that you’re using to collect form submissions does actually support triggering webhooks with a payload.

Let us know if you have any other questions!