Webflow - Issues sending form to Parabola

edit: Solved

Hey there!

I’ve set up a Webflow submission form with Parabola successfully, but I’m noticing that Parabola is receiving values from my form that don’t exist in my current project, but did exist from the original project that I cloned.

Staging site - https://covid-calgary.webflow.io/submit-a-business

Webflow link -


Here is a screenshot of what parabola is returning -

Notice that it’s showing Grubhub at the bottom of that list? I have no fields that show grubhub, or any CMS collection items that contain Grubhub. I need it to show the delivery services I’ve listed on the form, but it looks like something is getting mixed up.

Any ideas?

I ended up discovering that I had a wrong label on the individual checkbox field, which was throwing me off completely. Once I fixed that, everything is coming through as intended.