Webflow Export - Calculation Error

Testing out the new webflow export, I was able to successfully export 412/484 rows until I got “there was a calculation error” which failed the transfer. Can you define what this error means? I was exporting simple text from a csv file, so not sure why the error occurred.

Hey Jacob, could you share some screenshots of your export settings, and of the row that caused the problem?

Did some digging on my end and it looks like your error was a rate limiting error. Checking into why you would have hit that. Can you reset and try again, though?

Also, we are going to update how our rate limiter manages the connection to Webflow, so tomorrow it may do a bit better!

Hi Brian!

The API limit is one of webflow’s biggest challenges right now (60 per sec I think) I see a bunch of people trying to use their api and getting frustrated with it. I was curious on how you were dealing with it, will the update tomorrow have something in place to prevent a limiting error?

Hey Jacob!

Agreed that the limit is not fun to manage.

We are using exponential backoff, combined with some custom logic to help reduce the number of times that we hit rate limiting errors.

The update we pushed won’t prevent it, but it should protect you more!

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@brian @sachi I am trying to import Products from Webflow Products Collection but it is constantly giving me his error. There are 900 products in the collection list. I think it is because of the rate limit but how can I import it without exceeding rate limit which is 60 / minute.

Thanks a lot.

Hey Kamran,

Are you trying to import CMS data? Or are these Products from an Ecommerce site?

Sorry for the late reply @brian. These are products from Webflow ECommerce Site.

Ah okay that makes sense! Our integration only works for the CMS - not for Ecommerce. We would like to build out an Ecommerce integration, but nothing planned yet. To get that data you will need to use the API Import and connect directly to the Ecommerce APIs for Webflow.

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Hey @brian! I’m constantly getting this error on trying to upload CMS items over from Google Sheets.

Hey @Thomas_Coiner has that collection and all its items that you are trying to update been published before? If they are not all live then issues can occur.

Hey @brian!
Update: I was finally able to track down the problem. I recently restored a previous version of my Webflow site. Apparently that creates new collection ids and item ids so all I had to do was update my item ID references in Google Sheets, re-authorize Webflow in Parabola, and re-map the fields.

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Very interesting! Good to know that is the case. Glad you got it working.