Using custom header key

Hello :wave:
I am planning to connect CallConnect which uses REST API.

It seems not to need authentification, however its API key must be included as a header.
Moreover the name of the header key must be X-Callconnect-Token.

So What I want to do is to cutomize the name of the header key, however I failed to type it into the header key.
Is it possible to add X-Callconnect-Token to header ley’s list?

Hi @Hideki_Amiya,

Our UI is a little confusing here, but you can actually type in a custom Header Key even if you don’t see it in the drop-down list. Just type into the Header Key field and press the return key.

If you still have trouble, try copy (cmd+c) and pasting (cmd + v) this snippet onto your Parabola flow: parabola:cb:ac73f03e-cb78-4fd9-8844-4d4f73f400d2

It’s a preconfigured API step with the X-Callconnect-Token Header Key already set up.

Let us know how that goes!

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Hi @sachi

Thank you for your quick responce.
You were right, and I made it and could connect to CallConnect!

So sorry about my poor question…

Awesome! Glad to hear you can connect now :slight_smile: