Custom Header in Send to API

Hi, is it possible to create a Custom Header for the Send to API action, specifically an Idempotency-Key. I think it is possible with Pull from API?

Hey @Gregory_Parsons :wave:

You can add custom headers to your “Send to an API” step by clicking on the Request Headers tab.

You’ll see a dropdown for the Header Key, but you can manually type in a custom header and hit enter to add a custom key.

Depending on the service, you can usually add a unique string value and send that with your key, but it’s best to reference any documentation before doing so.

Hope that helps!

Thanks @daniel
I’m not able to use a dynamic value in Header Value, is there any workaround for that?
Many thanks

Hi @Gregory_Parsons,

That’s not possible just yet, but adding a dynamic header value is certainly on our radar. Feel free to upvote or comment on this post where another user requested a similar feature:

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