Trigger workflow via email but without attachment

Hi there,
I’m wondering how to go about doing this: when an email is sent/received, trigger a workflow.
i.e. - like the trigger that uses email attachment BUT without an email attachment. The first step in my workflow is to make a GET request to an API, and the rest of the workflow is irrelevant, but I want that GET request to be activated when an email comes through. That said, the email that comes through has no attachment and is irrelevant information-wise to the GET request.

For context, what I’m trying to achieve is as follows:
When a customer places an online order through our online store, it sends them a confirmation email. I can BCC that confirmation to any other email address; when this second bcc’ed email address receives an email (any email, but it would only be order confirmations), it triggers my parabola automation which begins with calling my online store via the GET request. The contents of said email don’t matter, and there are no attachments tied to said email.

This is possible in Integromat, but I’m trying to make it work in Parabola because I prefer the platform.


Hi @Rundle_Media,

Have you thought about using webhooks instead? Depending on your store platform, it’s a relatively straightforward process.

We’ll provide you with a unique Webhook URL where you can trigger a flow when an event happens. In your case, the event would be an order creation.

You can choose the webhook to simply trigger your flow or you can use the Receive from Webhook step to catch the data associated with that event and pass it along through your flow.

Send us an email at if you’re interested in learning more!

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Hi Daniel
Thanks for your advice!
Unfortunately the eCommerce platform we use is rather tricky and not very forthcoming with regards to APIs, we hooks, etc, and I don’t believe there are any ways to implement a webhook situation with the platform, hence the email trigger requirement.

What do you think?


Hi Gareth,

What platform do you use? I’d be happy to take a look to see if I can provide additional information regarding webhooks.

Otherwise, the email attachment step will need to have a file attached to trigger the flow.