Trigger on multiple CSV Attachments

Hi, I’m looking for a solution to merge two CSV together. The trigger will require receiving two separate emails with attachments and combining them in one CSV/Parabola. Is this possible, or do you have any other ideas on how to do this?


Hey @Tom_Gibbons, while we currently don’t have a direct step that’ll allow two emails to trigger a Parabola Flow, there are some ways to pull in two different CSVs across Parabola Flows.

Do you know if one email will be received before the other? If so, you could have the following setup:

  1. Flow 1 receiving Email 1 → Send to Parabola Table 1.
  2. Flow 2 receiving Email 2 + Pull from Parabola Table 1

Hope that helps!

Thanks, Ayana. Is there a way to remove rows or clear a Parabola table after a run? This process needs the table to be clean at the start of each run.

Hey @Tom_Gibbons, Parabola Tables will actually clear out each time the flow is run - similar to the Overwrite settings on our Send to Google Sheets step. Each time the Flow 1 is ran, Parabola Table 1 will be overwritten with the newly received data

Thanks, Ayana! I was unaware that the Parabola tables get cleared.